Cruising Carnival with Kids

After several years of cruising with and without kids, we entered into a new era.  We chose the Imagination for our family vacation because of their children’s program.  Since the children are 11 and 17, we wanted to be sure that there would be activities for them with other kids their ages.

Carnival excels at tending to kids with an easy, relaxed style.  Our waiter didn’t flinch when the 11 year old ordered a hamburger at every meal.  The kids found their way around and only needed us for money and information about where to get Band-Aids or to hand out sunscreen.

This was our first trip to try two cabins.  Generally we opt for an outside cabin in an upper category for four.  This time, we chose two inside cabins that were side by side.  This worked out great not only for our budget, but for our peace of mind.  Since sleeping as late as we want is a rare luxury at home, the extra cabin allowed the kids to watch TV, order room service and come and go with just a check-in.  The only thing that would have made it  easier for us would be a connecting door.

Although Carnival is not known for the quality of its food, it was a good choice for a family vacation.  Twenty-four hour a day pizza, ice cream, kids menu and room service kept the family comfortably fed.

A few tips for Mom.  We gave our 11 year old a set sum each day to spend at the arcade.  He loved it, however, $10 was gone in a short time.  Remember that soft drinks and bottled water from the bar are charged to your cabin.  It’s best to discuss this before boarding to keep from getting a bigger than expected bill at the end of the cruise.

For our busy active family, Carnival Imagination was a perfect choice.  We each found activities that suited us and we enjoyed the time we had together.  The choice of two cabins was a great experience that families with older children should consider.

Written by Linda Allen

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