The Celebrity Edge Breaks the Mold

From the moment I walked on the ship I could tell that the Edge is very different even from the Solstice class ships in the fleet. Public areas are spacious, colors are serene, art is interesting, smiles and greetings are abundant. Unique small touches include elevator door trim that lights up with bright colors when your car arrives.

Very unique is the muster drill. Held in public areas it has the humorous tone that is often seen in the airline safety briefing.

The performance art in The Eden is avant-garde unlike anything that I have seen on land or sea which makes me look forward to the rest of the entertainment on this very abbreviated 2-night sailing.

The sound system in the theater is robust, the stage impressive. Sight lines are unobstructed. The show The Jewelry Box was athletic, well-choreographed with excellent costumes. The plot was unusual somewhat reminiscent of the Avengers 3 movie.

Foodies will be inclined to upgrade to the premium beverage package and eat in the restaurants with an up charge. The Go Best package is the most economical way to accomplish this.

The Retreat and suites represent 12% of the space of the Edge. If you reserve a suite you have access to The Retreat. A beautiful, serene private enclave with the vibrant ship just outside.

Diversity is embraced by Celebrity, 37% of the guests facing crew are female. There is even a very talented girl band on their first contract at sea.

A sincere effort has been made to make the Edge as environmentally friendly as possible. Single use items have been eliminated down to fully recyclable aluminum water bottles.

Signage is minimal as Celebrity assumes that passengers will use the Celebrity app. Unfortunately, not everyone has a smart phone or one that supports the app. When I tried to find a deck plan to make sure that I had not missed seeing an area of the ship I could not find one, the purser is aware and working on a solution, I did use the internet to access my favorite site and snapped photos of a couple of areas I missed.

We liked the Infinite balcony, it has a lovely bath and plenty of storage for a week for two. The chairs on the “balcony” are more comfortable than the designer couch and for whatever reason the TV is in front of the bed rather than across from the couch, so it was just as easy to view the news from the balcony area. Do keep in mind that in rough weather or in the rain that the sliding window will not operate and unlike Scenic River which has this design, there is no window screen.

Cabins on the Edge just as on the Solstice class can be challenging to choose as the lower level balconies that are mid look down into the lifeboats. As I sit typing, this is my view from the chair on deck 7. Going higher reduces that issue, however, the best views are from the fat parts of the ship rather than the skinny parts.

Contemporary and engaged is the Edge target market. This is not the ship for passengers who prefer classical music and ball room dancing. In the corridors new age music is piped in and the ambiance is playful.

  • The Casino is entirely nonsmoking, there is only one smoking area on the aft on deck 1
  • The Wi-Fi is very good.
  • Facial recognition is utilized in the beautiful new terminal in Fort Lauderdale to clear customs, a fast and easy process.
  • There are 4 main dining rooms, each with a few unique menu items, with the other items for that day the same as the other 3. If you would like to try all of them and are in traditional dining just ask for a reservation in the other venues.


(based on a 2-night sailing, November 2018, cabin 7189)