Special Meals

Vegetarian, Low Fat, Low Sodium, Low Carb and Kosher

Whatever your special dietary request is on a cruise, you’re in luck!  Food has always been an important part of cruising and the cruise lines generally accommodate almost any special dietary request.  The key is to discuss with your agent your special request when you first start looking for a ship.  Together you can make sure that the ships you are considering offer the special diet you request.

Vegetarian and Heart Healthy (low fat and low sodium) entrees are available on most ships.  Generally, these selections are excellent, but not always available in all dining venues except the main dining room.  Sugar-free desserts are available and artificial sweeteners are on the dining tables.  All soft drinks on the ship will be provided by one vendor (Coke or Pepsi) so, if you must have Diet Dr. Pepper or a particular brand of soft drink, you should bring it aboard with you.

Low Carbohydrate diets are easily accommodated on the ships.  Knowing that meals are plated in the kitchen and then kept on steam tables on the large ships lets you know that it is much easier for your server to provide you two entrees than to remove or add items to your meal.  If you see two items that appeal to you, order both and then just eat the items that are “legal”.  For dessert, you can order a cheese and fruit plate; or if you have great self control, order what you really want and really take just one bite.

Kosher meals require written notification to the Special Services department by your agent.  Strict kosher will always be prepared by a vendor and purchased by the ship frozen.  In the letter that your agent faxes you, you will need to specify which meals and for how many days you will require prepared kosher meals.  If you generally just have fruit, yogurt and coffee, etc. for breakfast and do not need a special kosher breakfast, then you would just request lunch and dinner kosher meals.  All kosher meals are served in the main dining room.  If you do not observe strict kosher then the premium ships with made to order menus can cook selected fish and chicken dishes in a kosher style with advance notice.