Daytrips Review

Our Driver Michael met us before our scheduled pick up time at the airport arrivals hall and assisted with our luggage to his late model comfortable mini van. He offered us water and chatted comfortably in English even though he is Czech. He is a lawyer by training but tired of sitting behind a desk and started working part time to do something different and quickly realized he liked working with people on vacation and now drives full-time.  

According to Michael all of the drivers own their vehicles and insurance in Europe is compulsory. The Daytrip drivers are ICS and can choose from 3 vehicle types: sedan, mini van or van. They have a big incentive to be early or on time as the driver is fined 100 Euros if 20 minutes late by Daytrip.  

We elected for a transfer with two Sightseeing stops. We included lunch with the first stop and Michael selected a local restaurant with local fare. Excellent food and service.   The castle stop was tailored to our interest.  

Michael sized us up and I saw him scrolling though his iPhone and then motown came over the speakers along with tunes from 60’s and 70’s….not too loud to interfere with Bob’s nap after his international flight.  

If we would have elected for a drive from the Vienna airport to the Hilton in Prague the trip would have been 3.5 hours direct. With our relaxed, unhurried pace it was an 8-hour trip including lunch, a grocery stop and terrible Prague traffic.  

We said a warm goodbye, tipped.15% and felt that it was one of our most satisfying travel days.  

I will certainly use Daytrips again. Not as fast as flying, but with point to point pickup and drop-off it is a relaxing way to see more of the area and an easy way to see off the beaten path unique sites. The easiest way to think about Daytrips is a long-distance Uber with a knowledgeable English-speaking driver.  The email below arrived before our trip with a photo of Michael.

Your trip from Vienna to Prague is approaching,

so we thought it’d be nice to send some final info:

Driver’s name

Michal P.

Phone number





April 27, 2018 10:45 AM


Linda Speer


Confirmation code: 7F4083

download confirmation 


We are excited about having you on board in a few days!

We see that you’ve selected to stop for sightseeing! Great! Since we can’t guarantee every attraction will be open for every trip, especially during the off-season, we recommend checking the opening hours in advance. Or you can contact our customer service department if you have any questions about your trip.

There’s no need to re-confirm, however if you have any questions or decide to change anything about your reservation, please contact us by simply replying to this email.