Regent Has A Loyal Fan Club

Regent Has A Loyal Fan Club

Exemplary attention to detail and graciousness ‎sums up Regent.

Regent passengers mingle and chat and one of the first questions is “How many Regent cruises have you been on?” Some could not remember the number but would rattle off itineraries from around the globe. But the conclusion from all I listened to was there is nothing like Regent, it is just so comfortable. ‎

That comfortable feeling starts when you enter the cabin and find a spacious walk in closet and plenty of drawers, shelves and nooks so that you can imagine settling in for an around the world cruise with plenty of room.   The bed is amazing… sure to set an alarm if you have an excursion. ‎

The spacious feeling continues throughout the ship with expanses of space around the elevators and sweeping staircases mid-ship. Compass Rose neverDSCN5206 feels crowded and quickly became our favored venue for meals. With the selection of menu items on the Compass Rose menu, we only ventured to Prime 7 once.  Some of the Prime 7 items are offered in Compass Rose as well. The only issue I had with menus is the lack of vegetables…….a given when I cook.

Cross selling is nonexistent. The only time I saw a photographer was during the inventive block party. ‎The only time I signed on the ship was for spa treatments.  The spa is operated by Canyon Ranch and has the quality and serenity expected by such a strong brand. ‎

One meal at the pool bar was exceptional as an outdoor buffet was set up with an ice sculpture with several kinds of fresh fish cooked on a grill perfectly. ‎The staff in all dining areas were attentive and keen on everything being just so. When I was served a very rare steak after ordering medium, their reaction was horrified. I managed by just nibbling the edges since it was four times the size of what I eat.

Food allergies are taken seriously and a menu is delivered each evening for all venues the next day. ‎

Alaska demographics eschew to more multigenerational families than usual. Although the majority of the passengers were mature adults and mainly couples, there were many kids and teens. There is no dedicated kids programs or counselor, so there were times when the kids were more noticeable than on a ship with a kids program.

Entertainment is high energy and expertly done. Costuming, sets, lighting and sound were excellent. ‎Sight lines are an issue especially on Deck 7, so plan on arriving at least 15 minutes early for a good location. The casino is intimate and had many donors in attendance with a very good vibe. ‎

Regent had a very good selection of both included and extra charge excursions. I was well pleased with all of the ones that we experienced as were the other guests that I spoke to. ‎A particular favorite was the Alaskan Lodge Adventure & Seafeast. The rain forest boardwalk trail at the Silverking Lodge DSCN5287was breathtaking and the highlight of the tour.

One of the few negatives to the Navigator is the smoking lounge on Deck 6. The unpleasant odor waifs out into the nearby areas including the library. Also an issue is that the carpets in several areas of the ship are stained. In general, the Navigator is overdue for some refreshing.

The Seven Seas Navigator delivered a solid Alaska experience. Relaxed and relaxing with pampering service. Staff is smiling and attentive. Many passengers were booking on board and the new Regent Explorer entering the fleet in July 2016 was a topic of discussion. ‎

Tip: With Alaska having so many days of daylight, the heavy drapes between the bed and the sofa and the bed and bath allow you to darken the room at night in addition to the blackout drapes. ‎

(Based on a 7-night Alaska cruise on Seven Seas Navigator in July 2015, Cabin 945.)