Pandemic to Endemic

I’ve given Delta a great deal of thought and recently heard a podcast that expressed in more succinct terms what my gut has been telling me. It is time that we move away from thinking of Covid as a pandemic and realize that it is now endemic. That is to say that we as a worldwide community will now need to come to terms that Covid and its variants are here to stay, we must navigate within this new reality. It is not now a matter of if we will acquire Covid but when and when we do how best can we prepare to have as mild a case as possible.

This is not news that Americans as a whole will accept but I believe that it is just a matter of weeks before you will hear this widely in medical as well as lay circles. Protocols will be put in place and travel will resume in a different way.

An article in the Atlantic is insightful: The Coronavirus Is Here Forever. This Is How We Live With It. (By Sarah Zhang)

In reading you may well see more articles such as this one: WHO Chief Scientist Says COVID Can Reach ‘Endemic Stage’ In India.

Linda Speer, Cruises by Linda, August 31,2021